What Computer requirements are needed to view Seabourn Academy?

In order to ensure that your system is compatible with our Seabourn Academy training program, please check that your device meets these requirements. 

  • Google Chrome: Make sure that in Advanced Settings under Content Settings, Flash is set to “Allow sites to run Flash” and that “Ask First” is turned off.
  • Microsoft Edge: We recommend that you click the three dots in the top right of your browser and then choose “Open with Internet Explorer” in the menu. You may need to log in again to Seabourn Academy.
  • Internet Explorer: We recommend version 9.0 or later. 
  • Macintosh computer or iPad: We recommend using a browser other than Safari.


Tips on How to get the Best Experience From the Training Program 

Our courses are designed to open in a new window, so make sure that you keep the original browser window open that features your Seabourn Academy course. If this is closed while you are completing an exam, the score may not be recorded. After passing an exam you must click the “next” button to record the score.

If the course freezes or your exam pass is not recorded please try logging out and logging back in using a different browser. Or you can try clearing your cache or using a different device if you have access to another computer or tablet. 


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